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Saraswati the goddess of arts and knowledge by mrinal-rai Saraswati the goddess of arts and knowledge by mrinal-rai
अम्बितमे नदीतमे देवितमे सरस्वति।
अप्रशस्त इव स्मसि प्रशस्तिम्ब नस्कृधि।। (ऋग्वेद 2/41/16)
She is mentioned as mother of Vedas. She is one of those deities who is mentioned in Rig Veda, the oldest text known to the mankind. She is also mentioned as a river. The Vedic seers describe her always flowing, like knowledge. In the later puranic texts where the power of Trinity took over, she is mentioned as wife of Brahma, some also mention her as daughter of Brahma, emerging from his mouth. It is also said that Brahma was enamored by his own creation and looked at her with desire. To escape his gaze, she went in many directions, but Brahma created a new head in each direction to gaze at her. Some say she was born out of Brahma's mouth some say she was born out of Vishnu's mouth. Whichever be the case, she is the one who gave voice to the creation ("Vaka"). She is regarded as mother of knowledge, mother of arts, expressions,studies
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